In structural engineering, a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) is designed by a PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer, to be fabricated using best suited inventory of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. Within some geographic industry sectors these buildings are also called pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) or, as is becoming increasingly common due to the reduced amount of pre-engineering involved in custom computer-aided designs, simply engineered metal buildings (EMB). During the 1960s, standardized engineering designs for buildings were first marketed as PEBs.[1] Historically, the primary framing structure of a pre-engineered building is an assembly of I-shaped members, often referred to as I-beams. In pre-engineered buildings, the I beams used are usually formed by welding together steel plates to form the I section. The I beams are then field-assembled (e.g. bolted connections) to form the entire frame of the pre-engineered building. Some manufacturers taper the framing members (varying in web depth) according to the local loading effects. Larger plate dimensions are used in areas of higher load effects. Other forms of primary framing can include trusses, mill sections rather than three-plate welded, castellated beams, etc. The choice of economic form can vary depending on factors such as local capabilities (e.g. manufacturing, transportation, construction) and variations in material vs. labour costs.

There are already a lot of pre-engineered buildings in the market these days. They are generally the most common PEBs used in construction so they are all compatible with PEB raw materials and supplies. Not all are the same in durability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency though so there is a need to be keen in choosing the appropriate PEB manufacturer and/or designer. It is worth noting that RITU TECH is the world-class provider and pioneer of these pre-fab buildings and designs. Send queries now or call their hotline to get more information and recommendation on the best practices and choices of their services and products.